Rain symbolizes the ongoing misery.

The symbol of everything crippling down because they were too heavy.

The symbol of mourning for the things that weren’t meant to be.

The symbol of everything falls down into pieces

But Rain was said to wash away things – your darkness, your past, your sorrow, or the grief you can’t let go;

Cause it rains to signal that it is now time for you to let go.

So I would stand there under the rain just so it could numb my pain.

The pain I rejected to feel when it was all bright and sunshine because my people would say oh what a good day it will be.

The pain I would just bear within me because my people said don’t be weak.

The pain I couldn’t let out as scream in the darkness of the room I sat in.

The pain I did not dare to cry because my people said sadness shouldn’t be the look in your eyes.

The pain I would want people to realize, but my people said you would be fine.

I would prolong the ride, the walk, the stay just so I could be under the rain.

I would numb myself alive, pretending that those drops weren’t from my cry.

I wouldn’t want to stay survive because I’ve never felt alive.

Yet, I pretend that I am alright even when I am standing outside.

But rain ain’t the ugly side.

It is more of a place I use just to hide....