Do you want to come in for a drink or sit down for a while?

I don’t mind a little company. Feel free walk out that door whenever you want to.

I hope you don’t mind though it is bit dark in here.

Don’t ask me why. I can’t remember the last time there was light in here. The electricity must have gotten cut off around here for several years ago that I can’t remember when it happened.

The days and night are the same here because the sunlight couldn’t get through the window, so please don’t be frightened.

Once in a while someone would stop by, tried using to light up the room just so they could enjoy the view.

They must have wished to see my shadow in the room, which is why we had our small chitchat before they left me again; for I am not good at keeping companion nor knowing how to light up the room and warm them.

They said it is too cold for them to stay.

They said they would end up burning out and it was not worthy to use up their light in here.

They said there is no way for them to get used to the darkness and the cold air in the room, for they were looking for a warm house with a fireplace to keep things cozy.

They were looking for a partner to chitchat and to pass the winter in their heart not to live in the dark.

So I let them go, watching them exited that door and never look back.

I watched the room turnt darker and colder because the warmth, which they produced even for a short moment that made me got used to it, ran out. The company I had now left with breeze cold air.

My house must have frozen up, covered with ice. Darkness and silence began again.

I would sit there listening to my short heavy breathe. Once in awhile I would listen to the knock on the door, but I would not open up.

Another times I would look out the window staring at the dark just to see if anyone was lost and wondered around there.

I stopped keeping up my hope, so don’t worry.

You can try to light up the room, but please don’t have high hope. I am just hoping I won’t scare you away.

You can still choose to leave once you see it. I won’t ask you what bring you here and why you leave.

But can you try not to absorb my darkness with you.

That is all I have left...