I walked pass by a window of a glass building today

I saw the reflection of someone I couldn’t recognize anymore

It scared me that the person I used to know so well is now a stranger to me

So I continued the walk with my head down, my eyes straight to watch my footstep, and my cap on

I was aimless. I didn’t know why I was there in the first place.

But I didn’t stop. My feet just decided since my head was too cloudy with thoughts and voices.

People passed by; then began to stared at me.

They whispered in the crowd words I couldn’t seem to comprehend

I felt eyes on me. I saw words coming out of their mouth, but the world just spinned ways too fast for me. I just wanna escape.

So I ran and ran til I ran out of breathe.

That is when I realized I am all I have left.

I am far from being okay but that is fine anyway.