You wouldn’t want to admit.

We were just woods broken from the beginning. Eyes met and we both thought of it. Was it all at first sight or we were both just in denial? We must be the two people with burning desire - the force we thought would rebuilt us in an empire - sending our boat far so we can be anywhere.

But everyday I would try build us home, sticking the pieces found on the floor of your broken soul.

I would light up the candles with my burning desire in hope it would light us up instead of burning our house down.

I would stay there pretending to be our house pillar just so you could enjoy the fact that we have a roof over our head

I would stick there through thick and thin although the fire burnt my skin

I would lay there next to you even though you were screaming.

But then I noticed that I lost the grip of you, watching your shadows leaving rooms

Your light tuned down as you move...

That was how I saw the way you look in the room

In tear, a part of me knew it’s time although I had been trying to catch your light

In the dark I hear the echoes of my sadness, whispering into our silent home ‘you would be fine’

So then,I let you go...

I watched us fall - our home

I watched the broken pieces I tried to glue

It turn into pieces, that was when I knew...

No matter how I tried, you will never want to see the light

You told me I was your superhero, but sometimes superhero cannot save everyone

Not even when I built you home to save you

Because you would still go and search for other broken home - the one which the cold dark night would slip to because you say that it suits you

Now in the middle of the sea, I can only say you were the broken boat I don't have ability to fix...