Marigold Known for its bright color which assemble the energy gives off by the sun. A flower which defines as the sun’s bride by some; the representation of Mother Mary by the others; and the symbol of passion, creativity, jealousy, grief, and sorrow of a person by the other. 

Marigold is what I shall used to describe the girl I’ve known. The one with brightness of the sun in which she can cheer up others without trying hard to. The one whose her laughs were so loud that it filled the silent in the room. The one with the energy that would throw anyone off guard because of her passion, kindness and cheerfulness. 

Marigold shall be what I used to describe that same girl I’ve known. The one who was considered as pure and naïve in the eyes of men. The one who was so innocent that someone would look at her and wonder how her energy and innocent would be overshadowed and ruined by darkness of the outside world. Thus, the name of Mary simply means the bitterness of the sea/the star of the sea. The one who was thrown into the world that has no mercy. 

Marigold shall be the name I used to call the same girl I’ve known. For she is the one with jealousy. The one who couldn’t seem to get enough of everything she has. The one who couldn’t seem to find what she was looking for. The one who eyed others as if they were better. The one who couldn’t understand how to love what she has. 

Yet, Marigold shall be how I pronounced that same girl I’ve known. The one who is full of grief and sorrow. The one with the heart of stone, so when you look in her eyes, it’s cold. The one who would scare away because of the darkness of her moon. The one who people stared at and said you are ruined. She is the same one who smile the brightest, laugh the loudest, dress her best in the room. The same girl who do whatever to catch her moon. 

I shall name her Marigold – the bride of the Sun, the darkness of the moon.

To the one and only!