Grass was green when you loved me

Like how they usually said when you love someone, you overlook their imperfections and other things

So, When you still found interest in me, you overlooked my insecurities, anxiety, and imperfections; those were the things I let you convinced me that it is okay to have and experience it;

When I was still a person you want to keep in your life, we texted nonstop and you would wanna know how my day went by everyday although it was pretty routine and there was nothing new.

When I was still someone important, we would drive home together, and everything was all sunshine that even on a gloomy day I would smile

When I was still someone you loved, you wouldn’t get tired of my lame jokes, my business and tight schedule, my presence or even mistakes I made; you simply said “it is okay; that’s supposed to be the way I operated my day.

When I was still what you considered as your behalf, you would spare your time for me, take photos of places you found and want us to be or even text me just to tell me your next plan and everything...

When you still saw me in your future, we talked nonstop about building our dream house, going on trip together, places we would want to see and explore, our dream job; we are hype like those kids who are high, but nope because this is just you and I.

Now things changed; years of trying and keeping fates; now all you see is shames because I am not the one that you were once portrayed.

Now all my insecurities hit, you say that I am just a baggage

You said you hate how I live my life, but that was how we were built to like

Now that I am no longer the one, you said I am just not fun; you would have rather stay outside, exploring new aspect of life.

You say I am out of love when you try to cut it off

You say I am weak when you're treat me like a doll

You say I am your problem when you're the cause

Now when I am just someone, no name attached not even point

I am just someone waiting for your goodbye; I cannot beg nor even cry

So now I let you go

The only choice I can propose

I send you off to the other side

Praying that land will make you smile

I hope the grass is green - Somewhere you wish to be

I hope they make it all sunshine - the light that will make you feel alive

That happier land, I pray it is all were meant (to be) - just so it will never be - the fate my land has reached.