Love is something complicated:

Love is something my friends were enthusiastically searching every corner of the rooms and the people they talk to

Love is something my friends told me would make our life complete

Love is what they said only then will your life make much sense on why things happen

Love is sometimes my friends would say it takes them sky high, and all their life looking for the one who can pay them the same kind of affection

Love is when my friends cancelled our plan because their partners said they haven’t seen him/her

Love is when my friends skip the movie or even our reunion party because their partners said they were too busy

Love is something that made my friends turned to alcohol not for fun but to forget

Love is when my friends called me up after a long weekday and said ‘I just need someone to be there for me

Love is someday when my friends would pay because it is the day that their partners won’t stay 

Love is the way my friends look at their long time crush with sad eyes because someone else have caught the love of their life

Love is something that my friends would bolt their eyes out, realizing it was all one side. 

Love is that day that they found out someone they loved cheated on them with their friends

Love is when my friends would say you don’t understand when they broke down on the floor right beside me 

Love is something I eager to find so that I can feel what my friends have been feeling

Yet, Love is the kind of luxury that everyone can afford to replace every year or sometimes even months, weeks, or days

She always find love in strom and rainbow