Just go:

Verse 1:

What should I say? 

I somehow have my way – my own way to attract people, and let them stay. 

They love my side – the beauty in their eyes.

But they never want to hear my darker side. 

So after a while I got bored.

Bored of being bright

Bored of telling lies and faking smile

That is when I realized maybe it is time – for them to go. (Cont’)

Verse 2:

I started off with opening up. 

I would let you see the scars I wasn’t so proud of, but they weren’t the ugliest on me. 

I would let you convince me that ‘nope. It didn’t scare you away, made you ran and hide away.’

I would let you stay just to tell me that those scars made me stronger and that would be what you loved about me. 

I would let you convince me about how you experience pretty much the same thing; and that is why you want to stay near me. 

I would let you tell me that maybe you are the one – the one to actually reassemble my pieces, my insecurities; yet, we both know there is no willpower in me. 

I would let you try to fix me – the darkness, the sorrow, the grief I will never let go, or the self-destruction that no one knows.

I would let you hide if you can’t fight; even if you are only here to hide; or if you want to cry, but we both know these situations ain’t right. 

I would let you make yourself mine – only if it is one-side; only if it is a short period of time because man, the darkness made us both blind. 

I would give you time; to sort out your mind – your ‘I would stay for awhile, or I would miss the sunlight.’

I would give you smile – the one that would made you cry not because of its pride, but because you realize you should run away and hide. The creepiness that I hide made you feel like you rather die.

So I let you go – far away and away, whispering goodbye.

She loves to express our feeling through the poem